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Our experienced Manhattan Criminal Defense Lawyers handle theft and larceny cases throughout Manhattan and the five boroughs, as well as surrounding counties. If you have been charged with theft or larceny, you should contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer without delay to protect your rights and your reputation. If there is any indication that you might be suspected of a crime, do not give a statement to the police or discuss the matter with anyone. Instead, contact a lawyer right away to minimize the likelihood that you will be charged.

The crime of larceny (common referred to as theft) is set out in New York Penal Law Article 155. The most common form of larceny is shoplifting. In New York, there are five categories of larceny: four are felonies and the fifth is a misdemeanor. The difference between the five categories depends largely on either the amount of money or value involved, or by the type of property alleged to have been stolen (e.g., credit cards), or the manner in which the property alleged to have been stolen was taken (e.g., from the person).

The definition of larceny in CPL § 155.05(1) states:

A person steals property and commits larceny when, with intent to deprive another of property or to appropriate the same to himself or to a third person, he wrongfully takes, obtains or withholds such property from an owner thereof.

Larceny is a serious crime and a conviction carries very serious consequences. If you or a loved one have been charged with larceny you should contacted a skilled and experienced Manhattan Criminal Defense Lawyer without delay to ensure that your rights are protected. Our experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers offer free consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are available on short notice.

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