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Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals

Merchant Law Group LLP’s criminal appeal lawyers handle criminal appeals in all New York and Federal Appellate Courts including the First Circuit Court of Appeals, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the New York Appellate Division – First Judicial Department, the New York Appellate Division – Second Judicial Department, the New York Appellate Division – Third Judicial Department, and the New York Appellate Division – Fourth Judicial Department. We also handle cases in the New York Court of Appeals.

A criminal appeal is the process through which an appellate court reviews a lower court’s decision to determine whether or not the lower court made mistakes of law or fact which unduly prejudiced the defendant in a criminal case. When the fate of a multi-year criminal legal battle rests on the merits of a concisely written appellate brief and a single oral argument, tried and tested appellate law experience is essential. Our firm has a thriving criminal appeals practice in federal and state courts which builds on the core strengths of our experienced criminal defense lawyers – extensive courtroom experience, in-depth legal analysis, a reputation for creativity and scholarship, and exceptional research and writing skills.

Our criminal appeal lawyers are frequently retained after a client has lost at the trial level or when the client needs to defend a favorable judgment. There are many good reasons to consult with one of our experienced criminal appeal lawyers, to determine whether you or your family member can appeal an injustice. Some of the common types of criminal appeals which our experienced criminal appeal lawyers handle include:

  • a court wrongly accepting a guilty plea which is not made knowingly, voluntarily, or intelligently;
  • a court’s imposition of a sentence which is procedurally and/or substantively unreasonable;
  • a trial court’s failure to suppress evidence which was obtained in violation of a defendant’s constitutional rights;
  • a trial court’s improper exclusion of defense evidence at trial;
  • a trial court’s failure to improperly charge a jury; and
  • criminal appeals pertaining to ineffective assistance of counsel.

Our criminal appeal lawyers help those who have been wrongly convicted of a crime, or who have otherwise been treated unjustly by the legal system. Our criminal appeal attorneys offer free consultations to effectively determine how best to assist you or your loved ones.

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